Portland Soup Company – Portland Food Carts – an Overdue Revelation

How it all Began

This post was first published in the Fall of 2010 at www.stevenshomler.com

This post gives you a peek into the very beginnings of my romance with Portland’s Great Food Carts.



I arrived in Portland, Oregon from Maple Grove MN on September 20, 2004. In a few short days, I will have been here 6 years.

I have an awful confession to make.

Last Friday September 3rd, my friend Adam took me to lunch at a Portland food cart…That’s not the awful part. We went to The Portland Soup Company (a glorious Portland food cart)… That wasn’t the awful part either. The food was amazing.

The awful confession is that this was my first time in my six years in Portland eating “at” a Portland food cart.

Wow – took me six years to eat “at” a Portland food cart? What an idiot! Let me tell you – I intend to make up for lost time!


Adam took me to the Portland Soup Company located on the corner of SW 4th and College because – A. he went to school with Jeremy Davidson the chef , visionary, and founder of Portland Soup Company and B. He loves the food.


I had the Hand Made Mozzarella Sandwich with fresh basil, marinated Roma tomatoes , Balsamic syrup, and roasted garlic aioli. I could have eaten 2 more. The bread – perfect. The hand made Mozzarella fantastic. Add to that the basil and the tomatoes and the Balsamic syrup, and roasted garlic aioli…Oh baby – who’s your daddy?


I also had the chilled tomato gazpacho with sweet corn and cilantro. It was a nice sunny day, and it just sounded good. It was much better than good. It tasted soooo fresh. The fresh tomato flavor was intense and it was augmented by the corn and the cilantro. They never overpowered the fresh tomato flavor.

For more info on The Portland Soup Company check out their website – www.portlandsoupco.com


For more info on Portland Food Carts, the September issue of Portland Monthly has a cover story article on them www.portlandmonthlymag.com/food carts or check out the great website www.foodcartsportland.com.

Steven Shomler


As good as Portland food carts are, I am tempted to start a blog reviewing them and see if Adam wants to help me review Portland Food Carts… maybe call it something like http://www.portlandfoodcartreviews.com…

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