Violetta’s Rollin’ Etta—A Portland Food Cart Review

Violetta’s Rollin’ Etta—A Portland Food Cart Review

Go To This Food Cart!    

Etta has great hamburgers, good chili, delicious Hot Lips soda, etc.

However, the things I like best are the fries. They have some of the BEST fries I have had in Portland.


Update June 1, 2012 — Etta is now located at the Green Castle Food Cart Pod, on the corner of NE 20th and NE Everett St, Between NE Sandy and E Burnside. .

Etta was located at the ‘Good Food Here Food Cart Pod’ located on SE 43rd and Belmont.

So why does this food cart have the address 877 SW Taylor on it? I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. It actually took me while to solves this mystery.


Violetta’s is a restaurant located at 877 SW Taylor. Across the way from the Regal Fox Tower Theater. I do like that theater. I have seen some great movies there like Winter’s Bone  (Now that Jennifer Lawrence is playing Katniss in the Hunger Games, I suspect that more people will check out Winter’s Bone.)


But I digress—somehow the presence of Violetta right in front of the Regal Fox Tower escaped me. (Told ya that I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.)

It turns out that Etta is the Food Cart arm of Violetta. Some of you are saying; “No duh,” and some of you are saying; “Ah, now I get it.”

‘The Good Food Here Food Cart Pod’ is a Great Food Cart Pod. Good parking, a covered eating area for those rare Portland rainy days and a number of Great Food Carts.



Etta is generally open from 12:00 to 9:00 pm (10:00 pm in the summer), Wednesday through Saturday (seven days in the summer).

Connect and Follow

The website for Violetta (that restaurant Downtown on Taylor) is

The Web Page for Etta (the Kick Ass Food Cart) is

Etta’s menu can be found at

Their Twitter handle is @violettaatdp  Most of the tweets there have to do the restaurant and not with Etta. It would be my preference that they’d add a twitter feed just for Etta.


The Food!

Time for the best part!  Pictures and comments about what I actually ate.

FYI—I did not eat all of this at once. I visit the Great Food Carts I recommend a number of times to look for consistency. It’s one thing to serve good food once, it is quite another to serve great food every time.

Let’s start with the fries!


The Yukon Gold Fries are absolutely delicious.

Try them with the Herbed Aioli or the Harissa Ketchup. I love the Herbed Aioli!


White Truffles Fries—Yukon Gold Potatoes with sea salt, pepper and white truffle oil. These fries are fantastic!


Oregonzola Fries—Yukon Gold Fries with creamy Blue Cheese, fresh herbs and Oregonzloa. The sauce on this fries is so good, you are liable to sit stunned for while after your first bite. Then, when you come to, the fries will be gone and you will be filled with the contented bliss that only perfect fries can bring.


Mushroom and Swiss Burger—Sautéed Golden Oregon Mushrooms, Tillamook Aged Swiss Cheese and the much cherished Herbed Aioli.

My notes for this burger have a big happy face drawn on them! The burger was very flavorful. The melted Swiss cheese had a strong, but not harsh flavor. I wrote the word “exquisite” three times.


1/3 Pound Violetta Burger—Highland Oak Farm Beef with Violetta Sauce, Lettuce, Onion, 10-Hour Tomatoes and Super Dills. I added the White Cheddar. I advise that you do the same.

I took a bite and thought; “Wow, that’s really good.” Then my thoughts went silent as I started to enjoy a truly great burger.

I really like the Violetta burger sauce.


Pacific Salmon Burger—Grilled Salmon and Fresh Herb Cake, Butter Lettuce and Caper-Lemon Aioli. The Caper-Lemon Aioli is a nice touch. Brings some brightness to the burger.


That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Great Food Carts.

Etta is a Great Portland Food Cart!

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