Relish Gourmet Hotdogs – A Portland Food Cart Review

Relish Gourmet Hotdogs – A Portland Food Cart Review

Go To This Food Cart!

Chris Lapraim makes the Food Cart magic happen at Relish. This a great Hotdog Food Cart! if you like hotdogs, this Portland Food Cart is for you.


Relish Gourmet Hotdog Food Cart is located at the Cartlandia Food Cart Pod on 82nd towards the Clackamas mall, between Flavel and Johnson Creek, near where the Spring Water Corridor crosses 82nd.


Cartlandia’s website is ( As of Febuary 2012 this is a very limited website with very little info). More info about Cartlandia can be found on their Facebook page If you go to their Facebook page check out the “info” page.


As of the time of this review being published ( February 2012) The Relish website listed the current Winter hours as – Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED, Wednesday-Friday: 12-7, Saturday: 12-8, Sunday: 12-6

Connect and Follow

You can find Relish Gourmet Hotdog Food Cart at their website, on Facebook – and on Twitter


Many Food Carts are, in my experience, cash only. Such is the case for Relish Gourmet Hotdog Food Cart.

The Food!

Time for the best part!  Pictures and comments about what I actually ate.

FYI – I did not eat all of this at once. I visit the Food Carts I recommend, a number of times to look for consistency. It’s one thing to serve good food once, it is quite another to serve great food every time.


Bacon n’ Bleu Hotdog

This is one of the best hot dogs I have ever had. The bleu cheese is wonderful and when you add the onions and the the cart-made Garlic Cracked Pepper Aioli – Wow!  One of the days I visited Relish, A friend of mine, Ethan Morrow joined me. He is not fond of Bleu cheese. he ended up ordering one of these Kick-ass Hotdogs and he loved it.


The Coney  “Cart-made all meat chili, Cheddar cheese, and fresh onions.”

I really liked this chili dog! While I generally I prefer beans in my chili, this all-meat chili was great. Lots of rich “chili” flavor. Well seasoned. Chris makes a mean chili.  This chili dog is packed with chili!


This chili dog is a full meal all by itself!


Artichoke Dog

Not everyone like onions. If that is you, check out the Artichoke Dog. if you, like me, love artichokes – check out this great hotdog.

I would have never thought to put artichoke on a hotdog. It works really well. The bacon is a nice addition that pairs well with the rest of the flavors.


The Farm Hotdog

The cart-made Thousand Island makes this hotdog. It bring the caramelized onions and the American cheese together.

The secret about this great hotdog is that the Thousand Island is made from Chris’ fiance’s family recipe. Emily – I think that I would really like your family. They definitely know how to make great Thousand Island dressing!


The Swiss.

Lots of caramelized onions on this dog. If you like Swiss cheese and onions this dog is for you!


Farm Fries

Not only does Relish have great Hotdogs, they have great fries.

I loved the Farm Fries! It just works.

Sometime soon, I will have to get back to Relish and check out the Coney Fries. I am betting that Chris’ chili goes great on the wonderful fries he serves!


That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Great Food Carts.

Relish Gourmet Hotdogs is a Great Portland Food Cart!

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2 Responses to Relish Gourmet Hotdogs – A Portland Food Cart Review

  1. OOOh, I am SOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to our move to Oregon next year. These dogs look a LOT better than my post today from Atlanta!

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