Christopher LaPraim with Relish Gourmet Hot Dog Food Cart – A “People Who Make Food Cart Magic” Article

Christopher LaPraim with Relish Gourmet Hot Dog Food Cart – A “People Who Make Food Cart Magic” Article

Chris LaPraim is the founder and owner of the Relish Gourmet Hot Dog Food Cart. This is a Great Portland Food Cart.  You can read our review here –

5 Questions 

I recently sat down with Chris and asked him my “5 Questions”. Here is some of what I learned –

Question #1 – Can You Tell Me About Getting The Idea For This Food Cart?

“I always wanted to have my own business.”

“I was in the Navy in San Diego and when I got out, I came back home to the Portland Metro area and I got a job in the private sector doing the same thing that I did in the military – setting casts for people who had broken limbs.”


“While in San Diego in the Navy, many, many, times I heard about ‘Puka Dogs’ from fellow Navy personnel who had been to Hawaii and fell in love with the amazing hot dogs this island company serves up.”

“One day while working on a cast, I remembered hearing about Puka Dogs, That night, at home I googled ‘Puka Dogs’ and while looking at their website, I was inspired to start Relish Food Cart.” “I just knew that I could make it work.” “The rest is history.”

Question #2 – When Did You Start Cooking?

“I started cooking some, when I was in San Diego in the Navy.” “I really started cooking in earnest, when I got out of the Navy and I moved back to the Northwest.” “I discovered that I have a knack for it and that I really like it.”I find cooking to be very fulfilling.”

Question #3 What Is Your Favorite Ingredient To Cook With? 

“I love working with Garlic, Bacon, and making the various Béchamels that go on my Hot Dogs.”


Question #4 What Is Your Favorite Item at Your Food Cart?

“I love the Bacon N Bleu Dog and my favorite snack is the Farm Fries.”


Question #5 What Are Some Other Food Carts That You Like?

“Wow, that is a tough question, there are so many great Food Carts here in Portland!”

“Here is what comes to mind right now, – Potato Champion BLT Sushi PDX and Holy Cannoli .” “I am sure that tomorrow, I will think of a few more that I should have mentioned as well.”

There is a lot more to Chris’ Food Cart story. The rest will be featured on the first episode of Portland Cart TV. We are filming on location at Chris’ Food Cart Sunday Morning April 22 and that episode should be posted by June 1st.

That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Great Food Carts.


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