Upcoming Portland Food Cart Pod Grand Opening! Alberta 15 Food Cart Pod Thursday May 31

Upcoming Portland Food Cart Pod Grand Opening! Alberta 15 Food Cart Pod Thursday May 31

This Thursday May 31, from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM a brand new, very innovative Food Cart Pod will be having their Grand Opening.

The Alberta 15 Food Cart Pod www.alberta15.com is the brain child of Tim Reece. Alberta 15 is located near the corner of Alberta and NE 15th, and it will the home to 5 Food Carts including 4 brand new Food Carts.


Last Thursday!

This Grand Opening coincides with Last Thursday, a community-based street fair that occurs on Alberta Street the “Last Thursday” of each month.

For more on Last Thursday, check out the Last Thursday Facebook page www.facebook.com/lastthursdayonalberta. If you would like to serve and help make Last Thursday happen – check out the Friends of Last Thursday on Alberta website – www.lastthursdayonalberta.com

Grand Opening Events!

There are a number of wonderful events occurring at Alberta 15 associated with the Grand Opening that you can enjoy and/or participate in.


Sakura Prayer Tree

Between now and 5:30 Thursday May 31, you can place a “wish or prayer” on the Cherry tree adjacent to Alberta 15. At 5:30 PM Thursday May 31st the Reverend Bishop Zuigaka Kodachi will offer a Buddhist blessing. Part of this blessing will involve the prayers that have been placed on the Cherry tree.

Buddhist Blessing 5:30 PM May 31st

As detailed in the picture/document above, at 5;30 PM May 31st the Alberta 15 Food Cart Pod will be blessed by a Buddhist Priest.


Portland Taiko 7:30 PM May 31st

From their website – “Portland Taiko is an award-winning Asian American drumming ensemble.” www.portlandtaiko.org   www.facebook.com/pages/Portland-Taiko  https://twitter.com/#!/portlandtaiko


Noah Peterson 9:00 PM May 31st

Noah Peterson will be performing at 9:00 PM. For more info on Noah, check out his Website and Twitter feed – www.noahpeterson.com  https://twitter.com/#!/NoahPeterson



Sapporo beer will be sold at Alberta 15 on May 31st as part of the Grand Opening celebration. The cost will be $4.00 per serving. All proceeds will be donated to two non-profits – Portland Taiko and Minori Kai Temple.



Alberta 15 has one of the coolest bathrooms I have ever seen at a Food Cart Pod. Tim is very proud of the bathroom, and he should be!

Yep, you are right,  this is one of the weirdest paragraphs I have ever written in a Food Cart article.  But you also know that when you visit this Food Cart Pod, you are going to check out the bathroom for yourself!  🙂

What About The Food Carts?

Five very interesting Food Carts are located at the Alberta 15 Food Cart Pod – Minizo, Stumptown Dumplings, Cultured Caveman, Katsu Zoku, and Yakinese. Here is some info on each.


Minizo Food Cart

Fresh handmade ramen and more. www.alberta15.com/mini

Update May 30 – Minzo now has a brand new Facebook page  www.facebook.com/pages/Minizo/301392003283416



The food I have had from Minizo has been stupendous!

Yes, Minizo was located downtown, and they moved to become part of this New Food Cart Pod.



Stumptown Dumplings Food Cart

Dumplings and Bao. Really good Dumplings and Bao!

For more info on Stumptown Dumplings check out their website  – www.stumplings.com

you can also follow Stumptown Dumplings on Facebook and Twitter – www.facebook.com/stumplings   https://twitter.com/#!/stumplings


Cultured Caveman Food Cart

“Cultured Caveman: The West Coast’s First 100% Paleo Friendly Food Cart”

I have not had yet the privilege of eating at this Food Cart.

For more info on this brand new Portland Food Cart check out this link – www.alberta15.com/cultured-caveman

You can also follow the Cultured Caveman Food Cart on Facebook and Twitter – www.facebook.com/CulturedCavemanPDX   https://twitter.com/#!/CavemanCart



Katsu Zoku Food Cart

To see the current menu from the Food Cart check out this link – www.alberta15.com/katsu-zoku .

You can also Follow the Katsu Zoku Food Cart on Facebook and Twitter –www.facebook.com/KatsuZoku  https://twitter.com/#!/KatsuZokuPDX.


Pictured above are two dishes from Katsu Zoku.

On the left is a bowl of Katsu Don. A rice bowl topped with chicken katsu, egg and onions all simmered in dashi konbu stock and finished with tongarashi (7-spice). Tokyo comfort food.

On the right is Gingered Chicken. Lightly battered chicken served with with rice, scallions, a dollop of hot mustard and a side of sweet chili sauce. Tim Reece who grew up in Tokyo, tells me a that bite of the ginger chicken, scallions and hot mustard is classic Tokyo street food.

Katsu Zoku kindly provides the sweet chili sauce for those who are fond of hot mustard. I love hot mustard and the combination of the Scallions, hot mustard and gingered chicken was fantastic!
I enjoyed the two Katsu Zoku dishes pictured above on May 30, one day before the Grand Opening and both dishes were wonderful!


The Yakinese Food Cart

The Yakinese Food Cart is the 5th and final Food Cart that will be located at Alberta 15.

Yakinese will feature “locally-sourced chicken grilled over hand-flamed japanese charcoal and hot oden in the winter.”

It is my understanding that Yakinese will not be open during the Grand Opening on May 31st.


Don’t forget – The Grand Opening for the Alberta 15 Food Cart Pod is Thursday May 31 June 2 from 11:00 AM  to 10:00 PM!

Food Cart Grand Openings

I love attending the Grand Openings of new Portland Food Carts! I attend all the ones that I can. Often the biggest trick is finding out about them in advance of the Grand Opening. If I don’t know, I can’t go! If you know of an upcoming Food Cart Grand Opening – please let me know and I will pass on the info. My email is greatfoodcartsPDX@gmail.com

Attending a Food Cart Grand Opening is a blast. If you get the chance to go to one – do so! You will not be disappointed.

Are You Opening a Portland Food Cart?

If you are – let us know! We would love to attend your Grand Opening and if you let us know far enough ahead in advance we would be delighted to write up an article highlighting your upcoming Grand Opening!

Contact Steven at GreatFoodCartsPDX@gmail.com

That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Great Food Carts.


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