Pepper Box – A Portland Food Cart Review


Pepper Box – A Portland Food Cart Review

Update – August 26th, 2014!

The Pepper Box is making the leap to Brick and Mortar and the Pepper Box Cafe will be opening today – Tuesday August 26th!

Peerpboc Cafe Logo

The brand new Pepper Box Cafe will be on 932 SE Morrison.

For more info you can follow them here –

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Go To This Food Cart!

Jim makes the magic happen at Pepper Box!  If you like amazing food served with a Southwest flair, this Great Portland Food Cart is for you!



Pepper Box is located  near the corner of NE Graham St and NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The address is 2737 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97217


The Pepper Box has a great tent that works well rain or sun!


Pepper Box is open Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and they are closed Sunday and Monday.

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Website –

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Twitter –!/pepperboxpdx


Many Food Carts are, in my experience, cash only. Such is the case for the Pepper Box Food Cart.

The Food!

Time for the best part!  Pictures and comments about what I actually ate.

FYI – I did not eat all of this at once. I visit the Food Carts I recommend, a number of times to look for consistency. It’s one thing to serve good food once, it is quite another to serve great food every time.

Pepper Box specializes in amazing sandwiches and breakfast tacos, all served with their hand made tortillas.


I have been to Pepper Box a number of times, and each and every time I have been blown away by the handmade tortillas. They are amazing! Hands down, they are the best tortillas I have ever had – be it another food cart, a restaurant, or made from scratch for a home cooked meal.


Roasted Poblano Mac & Cheese

This is pure comfort food! Order it. It is somewhat spicy, but not too spicy. I could eat way too much of this!  Cheesy goodness that has a subtle bite.

Even if you visit Pepper Box for some other dish, get an order of Mac & Cheese to go and enjoy it later that night for dinner.


The Albuquerque Turkey Sandwich

This is a wonderful sandwich. Order two and before you know it the first one will be gone. The Green Chile Crema is a revelation. Cart Made and zoo good!

I am not sure, how Jim does it, every time I have been to Pepper Box, the avocado  has always been fresh and delightful!


The El Tocino Sandwich

Yes, the breakfast tacos at Pepper Box are outstanding, however, the El Tocino is my favorite dish at Pepper Box. The Bacon, the Tomato, the Chipotle Crema (some heat, but mostly flavor), the Tortilla hey all come together and delight my taste buds.


The Primo Sandwich

I love Pastrami! Pastrami on one of Jim’s out of this world Tortillas with some of his Cart Cade Chipotle Crema – Now that is an incredible sandwich!



The Original Breakfast Taco

I have tried this taco twice. Once with the Cart Made Chorizo and once with Avocado.

It was delicious both ways! Lots of Cheddar Cheese, tender Potatoes, Eggs that are perfectly cooked, this Breakfast Taco rocks!

I really liked the Chorizo and I have already mentioned that I really like avocado. The next time I get this Breakfast Taco I will get either the Cart Made Chorizo or the Bacon and I will spend the extra $.50 to add Avocado.


The Farmer Sandwich

This is a great option for vegetarians! I added Avocado to mine. It was really good! I do have to admit that next time, I will pay the extra $.75 to add Bacon to my Farmer.


The Primo Breakfast Taco

Pastrami, Eggs and Pepper Jack Cheese! This taco makes for a fantastic breakfast! Very flavorful and very filling!


That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Great Food Carts.


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