Farewell Lardo Food Cart, Hello Lardo Restaurant!


Update July 3, 2012

According to their Twitter feed, Lardo the restaurant will open for business Friday July 6th at 11:00 AM 1212 Hawthorne!

Farewell Lardo Food Cart, Hello Lardo Restaurant! 

I spent a good part of last Saturday evening (June 23rd) at the Good Food Here Food Cart Pod on 43rd and Belmont saying goodbye to an iconic Portland Food Cart.


Rick Gencarelli opened Lardo as a Food Cart in 2010 and in two short years they received much press and well deserved acclaim.

Many Food Cart owners have a hope that somehow, someday their food cart will be successful enough to attract the resources necessary to make the leap from Food Cart to a Brick and Mortar establishment. Lardo has done just that. In July, Lardo the restaurant will open at 12th and Hawthorne right across the street from the Cartopia Food Cart Pod.

Rick is partnering with ChefStable’s Kurt Huffman on this next step in the evolution of Lardo. To find out more about ChefStable check out their website – www.chefstablegroup.com. Speaking of ChefStable they have an excellent bio for Rick on their website  – www.chefstablegroup.com/partners/gencarelli


I have always loved the food at Lardo and while I am sad to see such a wonderful Portland Food Cart come to an end, I an delighted that I will still be able to get Rick’s wonderful fries that “are cooked in lard..because lard is good.”


Lardo Is Dead! Long Live Lardo!

See www.lardopdx.tumblr.com for updates on the forthcoming Lardo Restaurant that will be opening this July on 12th and Hawthorne in the space pictured above.  The other Lardo website is www.lardopdx.com. Lardo can also be found on Twitter @LardoPDX   www.twitter.com/#!/lardopdx

The new location for Lardo will have some wonderful elements including an outdoor patio, an expanded menu and 16 taps.


Update July 3, 2012


According to their Twitter feed, Lardo the restaurant will open for business Friday July 6th at 11:00 AM 1212 Hawthorne!


What Is Lardo?

From the Lardo website Q & A page www.lardopdx.com/Q-and-A  “Lardo is Italian for cured fatback, a cut from the back of a pig that is kind of like bacon without the meat. We cure it ourselves and we love it. It’s creamy, a little bit salty with whispers of herbs and spice, and it melts in your mouth. From our food cart, we’ll serve it sandwiched between great crusty bread with slices of ripe local tomato and brushed on grilled ciabatta for our delicious version of garlic bread. We’ll also render it and use it to fry our exceptionally crisp hand-cut French fries.”

Inspired By Lardo

On a personal note, Lardo was one of two Portland Food Carts that changed the direction of my life.

Back in 2010, my friend Adam heard that I had not been to any Food Carts and he took to Lardo and to the Portland Soup Company. www.portlandsoupco.com

My trip to those two carts ignited a spark of passion for the GR8 Food Carts we have here in Portland. That spark became a full fledged fire and it burns brightly today!
Many thanks to Lardo for the role you played in the inspiration for Portland Food Cart Adventures.

As the tip jar said – Praise The Lard! Amen and Amen.


Pork Belly, Porchetta, Mortadella

Here are 3 GR8 sandwiches I enjoyed at Lardo!





That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Great Food Carts.


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