Cheese and Crack – A New Portland Food Cart!


Cheese and Crack – A New Portland Food Cart!

Today, Friday July 6th was “Day 1” ( Day 1 is the first day ever being open for business) for the Cheese and Crack Food Cart.  This cart specializes in Cheese and cart-made Crackers.


At the time of this article being published, the hours for Cheese and Crack are Tuesday – Thursday 11 AM – 3 PM and Friday and Saturday 11 AM – until about “dark”.

Please note this this Food Cart has been open less than one day, so it is likely that the hours might be adjusted once they get a few weeks under their belt. If you reading this article anytime after say- August 2012, I encourage you to check out the follow section below and verify the “current” hours.



Website –

You can also check out the Kickstarter page from their successful Kickstarter campaign –

Facebook –

Twitter – not yet.




Cheese and Crack is located down the alley that begins on the corner of 33rd and Hawthorne. Once you see the mural, walk down a ways and look to your left and you will see it!

The Food!

So the way the menu works it that you first pick your Cracker, then you pick two items from the Cheese and Meat section, than you pick one or two items from the accoutrements section. You are also welcome to select an items from the “Optional Options” section, should on of those items happen to go well with what you have already selected.



My Selections!

I choose: from Section #1 – the Seedy Crackers (Today’s Seedy Cracker was made with Flax seeds and Sesame seeds) , from Section #2 – the Fromage Blanc and the Rogue Oregon Blue, from section #3 The Olives ( Castelvetrano olives) and the Seasonal Fruit (which happen to be blackberries) and from Section #4 I choose the Honey Stick to go with the Rogue Oregon Blue.

I have to say, the Seedy Crackers were simply stunning!



Rogue Oregon Blue and Honey!

I have fun combining my various elements. I put the Rogue Oregon Blue onto a Seedy Cracker and drizzled the cheese with the honey from the Honey Stick. Wow! That was amazing!


Fromage Blanc and Blackberry!

I put the Fromage Blanc onto a Seedy Cracker and topped it with one of the Blackberries. Talk about wonderful! My 11 year daughter Zoe was with me and she loved this combination and she proceeded to eat ALL of the remaining blackberries this way.



The Crackers and Accouterments option is actually intended primarily for vegans. You can choose a cracker and 4 accountrements. Please note that pictured above is the Butter Crackers which are not vegan. The Seedy Crackers however are vegan. as is the dried Cranberries, the Castelvetrano olives, the Corona Beans, and the Cornichons.


Bitters and Soda!

One of the most innovate and unique things at Cheese and Crack is the Bitters and Soda Bar. Your glass is filled with Soda water and the Bitters flavor you choose. If you like, you can have your Soda sweeten with Simple Syrup or you can drink it without it being sweetened. My daughter choose the Peach w/sweetening and I choose the Cheery without  sweetening. Both were excellent.


If you are not familiar with “Bitters” check out these articles/links –  and


Who Built This Cart?

While I was at Cheese and Crack today, Erin with Independent Mobile Kitchens stopped by. The Cheese and Crack Cart was constructed by IMK, as was the other Portland Cheese Food Cart (The Cheese Plate PDX). Coincidently The Cheese Plate PDX Food Cart is also having their Grand Opening today!

For more info on IMK check out their website  –
Two Portland  Cheese Carts, both made by the same company and both having their Grand Opening on the same day! who’d thunk it!

To find out more about The Cheese Plate PDX Food Cart – check out our article about them here –


Cheese and Crack! 

I had a GR8 today at this brand new Food Cart and I can wholeheartedly say –


That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Great Food Carts.


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