The Worst Day To Have Your Food Cart Grand Opening

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The Worst Day To Have Your Food Cart Grand Opening

For Food Cart Owners

I love Food Carts! I love the great food that you can get at a Food Cart. I love the people who make Food Cart magic happen, they inspire me! To paraphrase my friend Tiffany Harelik – Food Cart owners represent the best of the American dream.

Food Cart owners are amazing people with enough guts to step out and start their own business and battle for a dream that has often been burning in their hearts for quite a long while.

This article The Worst Day To Have Your Food Cart Grand Opening begins a series of articles written specifically for Food Cart owners to help them become more effective.

Some of these articles will be written by me and some of them will be written by Food Cart owners. I currently have three different Food Cart owners writing articles for this series.

This particular article is a companion article to the one titled How To Have a Great Food Cart Grand Opening.

To see the other articles in this series, go to

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The Worst Day…

The worst day to have your Food Cart Grand Opening is your first day of business. Don’t do that. Here is why this is a bad idea.

Only Some of Your Family and Friends Will Show Up to Your Grand Opening

Oh, your family and close friends will promise to show up, however you will be surprised by how many don’t actually make it. It’s not that they don’t care, it is that most of your family and friends just do not understand what you really doing. Many of them have never opened a business and the enormity of the task ahead of you escapes them.

So, if you want an actual crowd at your Grand Opening you need your fans to come as well. The bad news is this – If you hold your Grand Opening on your first day of business…

No Fans Will be There

Most Food Carts do not have very many actual fans when they are first getting started…

That means that it is likely that you will not have many fans stopping by your Food Cart on the first day that you are open for business.

Don’t get me wrong, you can and you should build buzz before your Food Cart opens. How? That is an article for another day. No, really. Build Buzz Before Your Food Cart Opens is an actual article that is in the works. Please note – even if you have done a GR8 job of building buzz for your Food Cart opens, I still advise you to not have your Food Cart grand opening on your first day of business.

What is a Fan

Usually a fan is someone you do not meet until your Food Cart is open for business.

A fan is someone who LOVES your Food Cart and the cuisine that you are serving. They know your story and love telling others about your Food Cart. A fan follows you on Facebook and Twitter ( Note – If you are not on both Facebook and Twitter you are making a huge costly mistake). A fan will bike or drive out to your Food Cart, even if it is not in their neighborhood.

When you have a grand opening, if you have it at the right time (i.e. not too soon), and if you promote your grand opening properly (i.e. Use Facebook and Twitter) , your fans will tell their friends about it and they will try to get their friends to come with them to your grand opening.

You can tell when you have a real live fan at the window. 

Okay, enough of that. Back to why having your grand opening on your first day of business is a bad idea.


Why Did I Put the Salt There?

On your first day of business and perhaps for your first two weeks of business you will be moving things around and getting settled into your Food Cart.

You will discover what sells and what doesn’t. You will start to get a sense of how much inventory you need. You learn how much prep you actually need to do before opening each day.

You will find a much better place to put the salt.

In short, it is likely that you will spend the first few days that you are actually open for business  getting your shit together. Don’t add the headache of a grand opening to your first day or first week stress.

open for business 1

Day One – Your First Day of Business

I call a Food Cart’s first day of business Day One. I love it when I have the opportunity to attend a Food Cart’s Day One*.


Day One 1

I suggest that you call your first day of business your Day One. If someone shows up on your Day One who you can just tell is going to be come a fan, let them know that you are just getting started and you are having a soft opening tand thety in a month or so, you will be having Grand Opening. if they are a fan or a potential fan this news will be interesting to them and they will say to you “let me know when that is, I would love to be there!’

If You Take My Advice

If you take my advice and schedule your Grand Opening for someday after your Day One and if  you have a GR8 Day One you can rest assured that that you Grand Opening will be even better.

Better yet, if you have a discouraging Day One and not many people show up, you still have another shot to make a big splash.

Teen Titans no 1  Classic_X-Men_Vol_1_1_Bonus_002  Swamp thing #1

I am a Food Cart Fan!

I enjoy attending s Food Cart’s Day One, the same way that comic book collectors enjoy getting the first issue of a series.

When I said above “I love it when I have the opportunity to attend a Food Cart’s Day One” That was a subtle hint! In case you missed it, let me be clear – If you are opening a brand new Food Cart, please invite me to your Day One. If at all possible I will there! My email address is

Not only only I am Food Cart Critic and a Food Cart Consultant and the creator and host of a Food Cart TV Show, and the owner of a production company that specializes in Food Carts, — I am a Food Cart Fan!

Just check out the first article I ever wrote for this website – As a Fan I get a kick out of seeing Food Carts grow from their Day One, forward.

That’s it!

Be sure to check out the other articles in the For Food Cart Owners series.

I am Steven Shomler and I am a fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts!


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