ChickPeaDX Food Cart Pop-Up Event Coming to The Portland Penny Diner 5:00 PM Wednesday May 15th

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ChickPeaDX Food Cart Pop-Up Event Coming to The Portland Penny Diner 5:00 PM Wednesday May 15th 

ChickPeaDx is a brand new  Portland Food Cart that will be opening around the middle of June.  The ChickPeaDX Food Cart will specialize in falafel and cart made sodas.

Once they open, they will located in the Home Brew Exchange parking lot at 6550 Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR 97217

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ChickPeaDX’s Pop-Up Event at The Portland Penny Diner

To build momentum for their first day of business, ChickPeaDx is going to have what they are calling a Pop-Up event at the Portland Penny Diner this Wednesday, May 15th at 5:00 PM.

The Portland Penny Diner is located in downtown Portland at 410 SW Broadway Portland OR 97205, at the corner of Stark and Broadway.

Photo credit Kevin Ward
Photo credit Kevin Ward

Get a Sneak Peek at ChickPeaDX’s Cuisine

At this Pop-Up you will be able purchase and check out both the falafel and the soda that ChickPeaDX will be offering at their Food Cart once they open.


I love Falafel and we have a number of GR8 Portland Food Carts that feature it, including GonzoRamy’s Lamb Shack and Wolf and Bear’s. Each of those distinguished Portland Food Carts have their own take on Falafel and I am looking forward to enjoying ChickPeaDX’s version.

At this Pop-Up event you will be able to purchase Falafel one of three ways – Pita, Salad or Sandwich.

Here are the Falafel details

Pita (white or wheat) – $6, Salad (on a bed of greens) – $7, Sandwich ( in a Bahn Mi roll) – $8.

All of ChickPeaDX’s Falafels are served with tahini, tomato and cucumber salad, carrot ribbons, shaved cabage and fired eggplant.


I am very intrigued that the ChickPeaDX Food Cart is going to also feature cart made soda.  As far as I know, the only other Food Cart to feature soda like that is Cheese & Crack.

The two sodas that ChickPeaDX will be offering sound incredible!

Here are the Soda details

ChickPeaDX will be offering two different sodas at their Pop-Up event.

Signs of Spring – local rhubarb lightly sweetened with raw cane sugar.

Desert Oasis – a refreshing blend of pomegranate, lime and mint enhanced with a ginger infused palm sugar.

Sodas will be $3.

Penny Diner1

Cocktails and Falafel!

During the ChickPeaDX Pop-Up event you will be able purchase the amazing cocktails that the Portland Penny Diner concocts.

As someone who loves high quality, well made cocktails, I find this news to be delightful!

To see the cocktails that the Portland Penny Diner offers, check out this link –



ChickPeaDX is the brainchild of Yair Maidan.

Yair grew up in South Florida and he was lured to Portland by our robust culinary scene and he has called Portland home for 7 years now.

Yair has previously worked at a number of prestigious Portland restaurants including Paley’s Place, Clyde Common, the short lived Lucier, Beaker and Flask and Imperial.

ChickPeaDX is Yair’s first solo endeavor.

Follow Chickpeadx

If you would like to follow the journey of Yair and the ChickPeaDX Food Cart as they makes their way to opening and beyond, check out their Facebook Page, Twitter account and Tumblr page.

Facebook –

Twitter –

Tumblr –

Building Buzz Before Your Food Cart Opens – For Food Cart Owners

In order to succeed as a business, a Food Cart Owner needs to both cook the food and sell the food. Building buzz for your Food Cart before it opens, is a great way to sell the food.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the innovative way that Yair is building buzz for his Food Cart. I love the Pop-Up event idea and I hope that other Food Cart owners are inspired to creatively build buzz for their Food Carts!

Vitaly Paley  Portland Penny Diner

Way to go Chef Vitaly Paley and Portland Penny Diner! 

Food Carts are small businesses in the truest sense of the word. In fact, they are so small that I refer to them as micro businesses.

Food Cart owners inspire me! They are amazing people with enough guts and courage to step out and start their own business and battle for a dream that has often been burning in their hearts for quite a long while.

People who start Food Carts represent the best of the American dream.

My hat is off to Chef Vitaly Paley and The Portland Penny Diner for supporting small business here in Portland. The more healthy small businesses that we have here in Portland, the better off we will all be.

That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.


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