The Yolk Breakfast Food Cart Now Serves Dinner!


The Yolk Breakfast Food Cart Now Serves Dinner! 

Yolk is not just for breakfast anymore. Yolk is one my favorite breakfast Food Carts and as of last night (Thursday July 11th) they are serving dinner. Through the Summer, Yolk will be serving dinner on Wednesdays Through Sunday from 6:30 – 9:30 PM.

I was there last night, trust me you are going to want to eat dinner at Yolk!



Cart-Made Gnocchi with Seasonal Vegetables and Italian Cheese

A very nice dish. The Gnocchi were perfectly cooked. Pure Food Cart magic.


IMG_7702  IMG_7698

Lamb Meatball Sub

Lamb meatball sub with olive spread and lemon dressed arugula on a Little t American Baker baguette.

BOOM! This sandwich is da bomb! I loved it. Meatballs – delicious. Baguette – great flavor and wonderful texture. The olive spread and the arugula balanced each other very well.

The lemon was a delightful surprise. It brought a very tasty brightness to the whole dish. Whoever thought to add the lemon deserves some applause.

There are a number of other items on the Yolk dinner menu. Here is a pic of the Dunner menu as of July 2013 –



Andrew was the person making Food Cart Magic happen last night at Yolk

When I go to Yolk for breakfast, I normally see Patrick. While I was disappointed to not see Patrick, I have to give props to Andrew. He delivered and the food rocked.


Yolk Still Does Breakfast!

If you have not ever been to Yolk for breakfast – GO!

My two favorite breakfast dishes at Yolk are the Brother Bad Ass (Get it with the Little t American Baker pretzel bread) and the Pretzel Bread French Toast (Get it with a side of bacon). The Brother Bad Ass is one of my all time favorite breakfast items. Pork Belly and Pretzel Bread – BAM!!!

By the way, my friend Tiffany Harelik  who is the founder of Trailer Food Diaries and the author of a number of Trailer Food Dairies Cookbooks (including a Portland edition featuring our own beloved local Food Carts)  highly recommends Yolk’s Pretzel Bread French Toast!

Here are some pictures of both dishes to tempt you.

IMG_3554  IMG_3551








The Yolk Food Cart is located at 48th and Woodstock – 4808 SE Woodstock.

Yolk is in the same Food Cart Pod as El Gallo Taqueria and Graffiti Sandwich. Both of those Food Carts are GR8 Food Carts as well.

IMG_3944  IMG_3940Graffitit Food Cart Logo Graffiti food cart


You can follow the Yolk Food Cart here –

Website – Not yet…

Facebook –


I can’t write an article about Yolk with out giving a shout out to my friend Patrick! Patrick makes Food Cart Magic happen!



That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.


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