Gabagool Food Cart – A Brief Glimpse!


Gabagool Food Cart – A Brief Glimpse! 

Saturday evening I stopped by the corner of Beech and N Mississippi to check out the Gabagool Food Cart.

On Thursday, a friend of mine – Jordan recommended that I go check it out. Jordan said that it was good. Jordan really undersold this Food Cart. I was blown away by how incredible the food was!

My Stomach was Already Full!

Something you should know, I visited Gabagool on a very full stomach.

I started my culinary day Saturday at the Gresham Farmer’s Market with Gumbo from A Cajun Life Food Cart, ( A Cajun Life consistently has the best gumbo that I have ever had). A bit later I enjoyed some coffee and a pastry while still in Gresham.

I then headed to Sellwood Park to attend Cityteam Portland’s Annual Family Picnic where I had a wonderful burger just off of the grill!

Following that picnic I went to a Food Cart Pod and I eat at two different food Carts enjoying one entree and three desserts. (Note – To become a food writer, I had to undergo special training to be able to eat like this)

In spite of already being stuffed to the gills – I loved, loved, loved the dishes I had at Gabagool.

This is a Brief Glimpse at The Gabagool Food Cart

So far, I have only been to Gabagool once and before I write a full blown Food Cart review, I visit a Food Cart two to four times. I don’t yet have enough intel to write a fill review about Gabagool… However given how much I loved the dishes I had, I wanted to tell you about this GR8 Portland Food Cart, so you could check it out for yourself!

Deep Rich Flavors 

The flavors were deep and rich. You can tell that Ryan cooks with local, fresh ingredients and lots of love for the cuisine he is featuring. Food like this is why I go to Food Carts.

My second Food Cart meal ever was at Lardo back when Lardo was at the 42nd and Belmont Food Cart Pod. While eating at Gabagool Saturday evening, my palate hearkened back to that glorious experience.


Gabagool features fresh, cart-made Pasta and “Piadina, an Italian flatbread sandwich and popular street food of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy”

Saturday night I had two pasta dishes and a scrumptious salad. I have yet to check out the Piadina.

The Pasta dishes I had, were pasta at its best!





Insalata – Salad

I also tried the Tritata Salad. Another winner, winner – chicken dinner! The salami and prosciutto de parma (from Olympic Provisions) were exquisite. This salad made my taste buds sing and then cry out in ecstasy. Perfectly seasoned.



When  Where  Who 

Gabagool is located at 836 N Beech Street on the corner of Beech and N. Mississippi across the street from Amnesia Brewery. I am told that you can order food from Gabagool and take it over to Amnesia and enjoy your meal with one of their beverages.

Currently Gabagool is open Tuesday -Sunday. Lunch 12-3 and Dinner 6-9.

Ryan Sherman makes Food Cart Magic happen at Gabagool Food Cart.






If you are wondering where this Food Cart’s name comes from, just ask Ryan.

Saturday night I was telling food writers that I respect about this GR8 Food Cart and Karen Brooks knew right away where Ryan’s inspiration came from. Speaking of Karen Brooks – check out her wonderful Food Cart article appearing in the August issue of Portland Monthly, on sale now!


Here is where you can follow Gabagool Food Cart –

Website – not yet.

Facebook –

Let me be Abundantly Clear – GO TO THIS FOOD CART!

Tell them that Steven sent you and thank me later!

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.


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