The Parkrose Food Corral – A New Food Cart Pod – Coming Fall 2013


The Parkrose Food Corral – A New Food Cart Pod – Coming Fall 2013 

This Fall a new Food Cart Pod will open in East Portland at 118th and Sandy. This new Food Cart Pod will be known as the Parkrose Food Corral. There is room for 8 Food Carts at this new pod.



This new Food Cart Pod will be on the same property as the new pub that is also opening this Fall. This new pub will go into the building pictured above. The property is currently being extensively remodeled.

Take Your Food Cart Food Into the Pub or into the Pub’s Beer Garden!

The new pub will have an outdoor beer garden that patrons will be able to access from the front of the pub. Food Cart customers will be able to pick up their Food Cart Food, head into the pub, order a beverage and head on out to the beer garden. On those rare rainy days that we get here in Portland, the customers of the Food Carts will be welcome to head into the pub with their food Cart meal, order a beverage and sit inside!


Outdoor Seating Area

Behind the pub, next to the beer garden, there will be a covered eating area for the Food Cart customers. The nice thing about the current plans for this Food Cart Pod is that that Food Cart customers will a number of options, #1 get food to go, #2 sit in the outdoor covered eating area, #3 head into the pub, or #4 go through the pub and go to the outdoor beer garden.


Your Cart Here?

If you are a Food Cart Owner and if you are considering placing a Food Cart here at this new Food Cart Pod please call Nick at 503 807 3650 or Chuck at 360 852 3123 – tell them that Steven sent you. Please Note – Nick is hoping to have experienced Food Cart owners move to his new pod and he would very much prefer to work with owners who are ready to open a second Food Cart.

Marketing and Social Media

Nick has been a successful business owner for many years and Marketing is very important to him.  Nick is wanting to rent to Food Cart Owners who use social media and are active on both Facebook and Twitter. I am told that there are thousands of factory workers within minutes of this location and Nick is hoping to woo them over to both the Pub and the Food Cart Pod. Nick is planning to market the Pub and he wants Food Cart owners who will see the value of doing their own marketing , even if it is mainly through social media.

Updates to Follow!

I will be following the progress of the new Food Cart Pod and as things develop, I will be making regular updates to this article.

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.

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