Burrasca Food Cart Launch Party – Sat September 7th 5 PM-7 PM


Burrasca Food Cart Launch Party – Sat September 7th 5 PM-7 PM

From Florence, Italy to Portland, Oregon

I love it when people have the courage to step out and battle for the dream that has burning in their heart like fire.

This past Spring, Paolo Calamai left Florence, Italy to come Portland to follow his dream. Paolo moved to Portland to open a Food Cart.


Food Cart Dreams

Paolo is a chef with big dreams and passion for the cuisine that he grew up with and he is rolling the dice that a Food Cart will be a good launching pad for those dreams.

Ironically, I first heard about Paolo while I was at The Italian Market Food Cart.

I was there that day to cut Andrew’s hair. That is a story all in itself! To see a video of The Shaving  go here – The Shaving by Ken Wilson. For more about the Italian Market check out our article here – The Tale of Portland Food Cart Dream That is Coming True or go to their website www.italianmarketpdx.com

Following the The Shaving, I went inside the Belmont Station which is adjacent to The Italian Market, to enjoy a beer with an Ellsworth – one of Erin and Andrew’s amazing sandwiches.

I was chowing down and visiting and a friend of Paolo’s was there at the Belmont Station, and he told “I have a friend – Paolo, who is moving to the US from Italy to open a Food Cart, would you be willing to meet with him?” I said -“Hell yes! You bet your bippy that I would!” I then wondered if I would ever hear from this Paolo guy…

A month or so later, I got a phone call from Paolo asking if we could could meet and talk about his dream to open a Food Cart.

Lunch at Carte Blanche 

I first had the privilege of meeting Paolo a few months ago at Carte Blanche where we set down for a delightful lunch.  We met and talked about his hopes and dreams and his desire to open a Food Cart here in Portland. These days, I meet with a number of people who want to open a Food Cart. Many of them never get from the idea they have, to actually opening a Food Cart.

When I Paolo that day at Carte Blanche  I knew that he would get his Food Cart open, and he has!

Burrasca Food Cart 

Burrasca has just opened at Pod28, the Food Cart Pod located at 28th and Ankeny. Their address is 113 southeast 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214. By the way, Pod28 is also home to Guero, a GR8 Portland Food Cart that specializes in Latin American cuisine.

Burrasca Launch Party

Saturday night September 7th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Paolo and his wife Elizabeth are having a launch party to celebrate the opening of Burrasca with the handful of new friends they have made since moving into Portland.

You Are Invited to this Launch Party!

Paolo and Elizabeth will be having what they what they are calling an Italian “aperitivo.” They will be providing “samples of Tuscan tidbits.”

I will be stopping by around 5:00 PM and it would be great to see you!

Grand Opening –  Coming Soon

Later this Fall, perhaps in October, Burrasca will having a Grand Opening Celebration, so if you can’t it to the launch party happening Saturday, you have another Burrasca event to look forward to!

For my thoughts on Food Carts and Grand Openings, Check out these two articles – How to Have a Great Food Cart Grand Opening  and The Worst Day To Have Your Food Cart Grand Opening 

Make sure to “like” Burrasca on Facebook so you can follow their journey and keep up with this GR8 Food Cart Story. Speaking of keeping up with Burrasca – 

Follow Burrasca Food Cart


Facebook – www.facebook.com/Burrasca-PDX


Authentic Florentine Cuisine!

At Burrasca you can enjoy authentic Florentine cuisine, dishes like Inzimino, Pappa Al Pomodoro and Gnudi.

IMG_1069  IMG_1071IMG_1073  IMG_1115

IMG_1118  IMG_1121


The Burrasca Story!

There is some much more to the Burrasca story. When you visit Burrasca, ask Paolo why he choose the name Burrasca, ask him where he gets his bread, or better yet, ask him about Dario Cecchini and Fennel Pollen.  Burrasca is a Food Cart Story that you will want to get to know


and tell them Steven sent you!

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.

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