Hapa Ramen Food Cart – A Brief Glimpse



Hapa Ramen Food Cart – A Brief Glimpse 

Over the weekend I came across the brand new Hapa Ramen Food Cart. I love ramen, so later that same evening I came back to check it out.

I was very impressed!  I immensely enjoyed the two dishes I had.


The broth or “dipping sauce” that came with the Shaka Bowl was very rich and full of strong flavor. The Shitake mushrooms went perfectly the flavors going on in that bowl.


I also had the Shoyu Ramen. The broth was very good and not too salty. I have had ramen broth that was too salty for my taste and this broth was perfect.

It’s a Brand New Food Cart

Please note – the Hapa Ramen Food Cart opened on Thursday, October 17th. It usually takes a Food Cart a month or two to get things like the menu and hours set.

The fun thing about visiting a brand new Food Cart, is that you can take part in their journey and cheer them on as they are taking their first fledging steps.


Hapa Ramen is located at the a la Carts Food Pavilion located at 50th and Ivon, just off of Division.This Food Cart Pod has a great dining tent that that is heated when it is cool outside.

At the a la Carts Pavilion Food Cart Pod, even when it is pouring rain you can enjoy a meal in a warm, dry seating area. This Food Cart Pod is home to a number of GR8 Food Carts including the Burger Guild Food Cart.


As Of Sunday October 20th the plan was that the Hapa Ramen Food Cart would be closed on Tuesdays and open the other 6 days of the week from 11:30 AM to 8 PM.


Website – www.hapapdx.com

Twitter – www.twitter.com/HapaPdx

Facebook – Not yet….

IMG_1512 IMG_3595


I met Micheal and he emphatically told me that his wife Sarah is the culinary muscle behind Hapa Ramen. I have to say – the food that Micheal prepared for me was wonderful! Micheal seems to have more culinary chops than he was letting on.

One interesting note – Micheal as the second employee ever at the 808 Grinds Food Cart. 

Speaking Of Ramen – The Minizo Food Cart

A Food Cart is perfect place to enjoy enjoy ramen and if you are going to write about ramen and Portland Food Carts, you have to mention the Minizo Ramen Food Cart.

The Minizo Food Cart is located at the Mississippi Marketplace Food Cart Pod, 4233 N Mississippi Avenue.

Hands down -Minizo has some of the best ramen that you will ever have. For more info on Minizo check out this article by Micheal Russell –  www.oregonlive.com/dining/index.ssf/2013/09/shoyu_ramen_from_minizo 

If you find yourself near Mississippi, go to Minizo, Say “hi” to Ken, tell him that Steven sent you and enjoy the ramen!

Back To The Hapa Food Cart

I am not hesitating to mention the new Hapa Ramen Food Cart in the same article as the Minizo Food Cart. The ramen at Hapa Ramen was that good.

I believe the Hapa Ramen Food Cart is going to be a success!

As time progresses, I do think they will develop their own style of Ramen that and that over time that style will be different than what you find at Minizo.

I heard of plans to offer a dish that is a Hawaiian Street Food style of Ramen with Spam and everything! I am betting that my friend and fellow Food Writer Aaron Wakamatsu will love it when it appears on the menu!

I look forward to seeing The Hapa Ramen Food Cart story unfold!

Now for Some Pictures! 














That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.

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