Portland Food Cart Stories The Book – Publication Date April 15th 2014

Portland Food Cart Stories Publication Date April 15th, 2014


Publication Date

Portland Food Cart Stories: Behind the Scenes With the City’s Culinary Entrepreneurs  has a publication date of April 15th, 2014


Website – www.PortlandFoodCartStories.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/PortlandFoodCartStories

Twitter –  www.twitter.com/BootstrapChef 


Portland Food Cart Stories: Behind the Scenes With the City’s Culinary Entrepreneurs is available for presale at Powell’s, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

Powells     amazon3    BarnesandNoble     books-a-million

Powell’s – www.powells.com/Portland-Food-Cart- Stories

Amazon – www.amazon.com/Portland-Food-Cart-Stories

Barnes and Noble – www.barnesandnoble.com/portland-food-cart-stories

BAM! Books-A-Million –  www.booksamillion.com/Portland-Food-Cart-Stories


Portland Chefs Are Taking It To The Streets!

For a fresh take on a variety of cuisines, reservations won’t be necessary. Just step up to a food cart instead. Tour the city’s finest carts with author Steven Shomler and meet the innovative and enterprising chefs serving masterpieces from mobile kitchens. Chefs like Nick and Carina of Cheese Plate PDX, who served the Dalai Lama when he was in town. Or Sean and McKinze, who started the Georgian-inspired cart Kargi Gogo after living overseas in Georgia. Portland’s food carts draw talent from across the country. Roy and Kimmy of Retrolicious left behind their own diner in Arizona to join the scene in Portland. These food cart pioneers, and many others, are profiled in a mouthwatering look at a unique dining experience Portland has perfected.

Steven Shomler Author Portland Food Cart Stories Photo by Zayne Shomler

Author Bio 

Steven Shomler is a Portland food writer. He writes about food carts at Portland Food Cart Adventures, a website he founded in 2012. Steven is the author of Portland Food Cart Stories: Portland Food Cart Stories: Behind the Scenes with the City’s Culinary Entrepreneurs, published by American Palate an imprint of The History Press.

As Steven began writing about food carts, he fell in love with the people inside the carts, and their stories. Steven regularly consults with food cart owners on how to have a successful startup, coaching them on topics such as branding, marketing and social media. Steven is also one of the founders and organizers of the Portland Summer Food Cart Festival, which takes place each summer on the campus of Mt Hood Community College.

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One Response to Portland Food Cart Stories The Book – Publication Date April 15th 2014

  1. A Cajun Life says:

    Pre-ordered!!! Congrats again and can’t wait to head down to Eunice with you in a few weeks!

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