Midnight Party at Cartopia Saturday Night July 26th 12th and Hawthorne


 Midnight Party at Cartopia Saturday Night July 26th 12th and Hawthorne!

In conjunction with Portland Radio Project, Portland Food Cart Adventures is hosting a Midnight Party at 12th and Hawthorne!

This pod is famous for its late night scene. On Both Friday and Saturday nights Cartopia is open till 3:00 AM.

Sadly, baring a miracle, in October this iconic Food Cart Pod will be closing and becoming an apartment complex.

See it Before it is Gone! 

Friday and Saturday nights, From Midnight till 3:00 AM, this pod has a really fun late night scene!

Starting in August, some of the Food Carts that call Cartopia home will begin moving on to other places.

If you are a Food Cart fan, you really need to see the late night scene at this Food Cart Pod while it is still going strong!

IMG_9882   Cartopia -1

Special Guests!

Joining us at Midnight will be at least two Food Cart owners – Mike McKinnon, Founder of Potato Champion and Keena Tallman, Founder of PBJ’s Grilled!

When – Midnight at Cartopia, Pre-Party 11 PM at Lardos! 

This Party officially starts at Midnight at 12th and Hawthorne,. However…. I will be at Lardo across the street starting at 11 PM. You welcome to join me for a drink at Lardo before heading over to Cartopia!

Great Food!

Come to this party hungry! You can get some amazing food at Cartopia!

Saturday night I am likely to enjoy a brick oven pizza from Pyro Pizza, a fried pie from Whiffie’s, a crepe from Perierra Creperie, some fries from Potato Champion, and  a grilled PB and J with goat cheese, bacon and apricot jam from PBJ’s Grilled!

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.




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