Sagra dell’Olio Nuovo at the Burrasca Food Cart Saturday November 1st from 2-5 PM

Burrasca Food Cart Portland-103Sagra dell’Olio Nuovo at the Burrasca Food Cart Saturday November 1st from 2-5 PM

This Saturday from 2-5 PM the Burrasca Food Cart is having a special event from 2-5 PM – Sagra dell’Olio Nuovo.

Sagra dell’Olio Nuovo is a very Tuscan celebration of the season’s newly-milled olive oil.

The Sagra dell’Olio Nuovo that Burrasca is having this Saturday will feature special dishes, brand new Burrasca T-shirts, an olive oil tasting table from  Oregon Olive Mill, Vino’s Wine Shop (located right next door) will be offering free tastings of Italian wines, and I will on hand signing copies of my book – Portland Food Cart Stories which features Burrasca’s story of moving from Florence, Italy to Portland, Oregon to open a Food Cart!

Burrasca was founded last year by Paolo Calamai, and his wife Elizabeth Petrosian, and they are simply delightful people! If you have not been to Burrasca yet, Saturday would be a wonderful day to go!

Burrasca Food Cart Portland-108  Burrasca Food Cart Portland-109


Burrasca is located at the Pod 28 Food Cart Pod on 28th and Ankney, just off of Burnside.

Burrasca Food Cart Portland-111  Burrasca Food Cart Portland-104


Zuppa Lombarda

All day long ( until it sells out) Burrasca will offering a special dish – Zuppa Lombarda – a simple, classic Tuscan poor-man’s dish of cannellini beans cooked with sage. 

Elizabeth Petrosian puts it this way – “Zuppa Lombarda is the perfect, soul-satisfying way to showcase the flavor of olio nuovo”.


From 2-5 PM, Burrasca will be offering Fettunta – a Tuscan-style bruschetta featuring cart-made toasted bread rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil.

Burrasca Food Cart Portland-110  Burrasca Food Cart Portland-105

The Regular Menu

Burrasca will also be offering the items that are on their regular menu which changes seasonally. Right now their menu includes amazing dishes like the Pappardelle al Cinghaile pictured above.

Pappardelle al Cinghaile is homemade ribbon pasta with a sauce of stewed wild boar and it is stellar!

Burrasca Food Cart Portland-101  Burrasca Food Cart Portland-102

Burrasca Food Cart Portland-107

Burrasca Food Cart Portland-106Burrasca Food Cart Portland-114 Burrasca Food Cart Portland-113

The Kitchen at Middleground Farms-19

The Kitchen at Middleground Farms-20  The Kitchen at Middleground Farms-16


I will there Saturday and I hope to see you there!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.



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