Happy Valley Station Food Cart Pod – Coming Soon!

Happy Valley Food Melting Pot Cart Pod 1

Updated November 16th, 2015

For info on the Grand Opening of the Happy Valley Station Food Cart Pod go to our article here — Happy Valley Station Food Cart Pod Grand Opening Celebration.

Happy Valley Station Food Cart Pod – Coming Soon!

Valerie Hunter is has HUGE Food Cart Dreams! She is the driving force behind the Happy Valley Station Pot Food Cart Pod that is being built and will open in Happy Valley later this year.

This is a very ambitious project! As a fan of the Portland Food Cart scene the plans for this  pod sound very appealing. Valerie is going to build a large pavilion that will be heated and have indoor seating for 450 people. Inside the pavilion will be three Food Carts – One serving coffee, One serving desserts, and one serving beer and wine.

HappyValley-outside-Scene 1

Valerie plans to ring this pavilion will 23 additional Food Carts. of course this pod will have all the amenities that food cart fans could want including parking, and bathrooms.

As a fan of the business people who own and start Food Carts, I am encouraged that Valerie seems to be very aware of the challenges that Food Cart owners face.  I very much hope that this pod works out for both Food Cart fans and Food cart owners.

Critics will question whether or not a pod out in the Portland suburb of Happy Valley can support a pod with 26 Food Carts. Based on a limited amount anecdotal evidence there does seem to be  passionate fan base building for this Food Cart pod. Hopefully the surrounding neighborhood will embrace it and support it, especially during the winter months.

Food Carts Coming to The Happy Valley Melting Pot Food Cart Pod

As of November 16th, 2015 here are the Food carts at the Happy Valley Station:

Mama Mini’s NW Fresh Donuts
You Eating Healthy (Vegan and Gluten Free Options)
Bardo’s Grill (Burgers)
I Candy (a Food Cart specializing in candy)
Adobo (Filipino cuisine)
Kim’s Kitchen (Vietnamese cuisine)
Gulf Bites
Dog Heaven
Wasabi Sushi
Lucky Dragon (Chinese Cuisine)
Fruit Box
E-San Thai
Khao Niew (Pronounced “cow neo” – Laotian street food)
Yaba Yabba Lebanese
Fernando’s Alegria (Burritos)
A Cajun Life
Kickin’ Chicken Wings
Chloes ( pronounced Cho-lays – San Diego style Mexican cuisine)
Mixteca Tamales
Saint Joseph Crepes
Ole Latte Coffee
Strano Gelato
30 Taps (Beer, cider and wine)

Oregon Beer!

I am told that the 30 Taps Food Cart – a Beer and Wine Food Cart, will have 30 taps and current plans are to have 28 of those taps be Oregon craft beer. Of  course being the Author of the new book – Portland Beer Stories and a HUGE fan of Oregon craft beer, I wholeheartedly support this plan!


Valerie plans to have some awesome sounding events at the pod, including a Grand Opening Celebration (date TBA) and she is working on having a monthly or bi monthly Meet the Brewer event where she will bring an Oregon brewer out to the pod!


The address of this new pod is —

13551 145th Ave Happy Valley, Oregon 97086



Here is where you can follow the Happy Valley Station Food Cart Pod–

Facebook  –  www.facebook.com/HappyValleyStation

Twitter  – www.twitter.com/hvstation

More to Come!

I am quite fascinated with this new Food Cart Pod and I will closely following it. In fact I am headed out to to check out the site next week. As this pod continues to develop, I will keep you updated!

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.


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