Food Cart Consulting

Food Cart Consulting Steven Shomler

Food Cart Consulting

I launched Portland Food Cart Adventures Jan 1, 2012. I began researching Food Carts and visiting them in the fall of 2011. Once I began writing about Food Carts and interviewing Food Cart owners, I became inspired by these courageous culinary entrepreneurs.

Chefs Bootstrapping Their Way to a Better Life

I admire people willing to go for it, and battle for their dreams. Many Food Cart owners would have simply opened a restaurant if they have the capital. For some, opening a Food Cart is the first step toward the goal of having a brick and mortar establishment. Others open a food cart as a way to pursue a long held dream of becoming self-employed.

Regardless of why someone opens a Food Cart, I found myself pulling for these chefs who are bootstrapping their way to a better life.

How Can I Help ?

I began to ask, how could I  help these small business owners who are engaged in what for many of them, is their first start up?

I myself, have led three start ups. Two of them succeeded and one of them failed. Along the way I learned many lessons (some quite painful) and I read many, many books.

As I reflected on how to help Food Cart owners, I realized that my  journey had perfectly prepared me to serve Food Carts engaged in start ups. I began to consult with Food Cart owners and share my perspectives with them.

For the past two years I have consulted scores of Food Cart owners with how to have a successful startup, and coaching them on topics such as branding, marketing and social media.  In fact, my second book, which I am in the midst of writing right now, is — Spark To Bonfire: How Branding, Marketing and Social Media Can Ignite Your Idea!

Pro Bono Consulting 

Up until now I have offered my consulting services to Food Cart owners and those who are thinking of opening a Food Cart, for free. No charge.

It is time for me to change that. I am raising my prices.

Food Cart Consulting Steven Shomler Coffee Ole Latte Coffee

My New Food Cart Consulting Fee Schedule

If you are a Food Cart owner, or if you are seriously planning on opening a Food Cart, as long as you buy the coffee, beer, or whiskey -I will give an hour or of my time and my best advice and counsel.

I get it, people opening Food Carts generally do not have much money. I know exactly what that is like. I have been there. I am a huge supporter of Food Cart owners, and I want to do what I can to see them flourish and prosper. This is one of my contributions.

I do have to say, I am very excited about what I have planned next to assist Food Cart owners! I will reveal that cool project in the next weeks.

If You Want Food Cart Consulting 

If you want to meet with me for Food Cart consulting and if you are a Food Cart owner, or if you are seriously planning on opening a Food Cart — email me at and put “I want Food Cart Consulting” in the subject line.  In the email, please tell me about your Food Cart and provide me your phone number.  I am more of a phone, or face to face kind of guy. Email is not by preferred method of communication.

I do ask this – if we meet, please bring paper and pen and come prepared to take notes.

I look forward to hearing from  you!

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Fan of Portland’s Great Food Carts.

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